As leaders, we need to be innovators of change. Change equals improvement. Be willing to take a calculated risk in order to improve and change your business. Learn how to manage change instead of resisting change.

Eight ways to manage change:

  1. Establish a sense of urgency. Define the goal you’re working toward, and establish a timeline. “We want to meet this goal by this time.”
  2. Create a guiding coalition. Choose team members who have the ability to lead and inspire others to embrace change.
  3. Develop a vision and a strategy. Establish your why behind what you’re doing.
  4. Communicate the vision. Articulate and communicate to your team your why behind the what. Use stories to illustrate the reason behind your vision.
  5. Empower broad-based action. Get rid of obstacles and encourage risk-taking. Risk is necessary for success. Take action.
  6. Generate short-term wins. Make small wins tangible and visible so that you and your team can see the positive gains from change. When people taste success, they crave more. Visibly reward early achievers.
  7. Consolidate gains. Once you’ve accumulated small wins, harness that momentum and introduce more change.
  8. Anchor new approaches in the culture. Be in a constant state of innovation and creation. Invest in leadership succession.
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