One Word

87% percent of people every year make new years resolutions. 50% will fail by the end of January.

In this short SIDECAR discussion Dr.Unruh talks about how you can avoid being apart of the 50% who fail. The discussion is based upon a book called “One Word that Will Change Your Life” by Dan Britton, Jimmy Page, and Jon Gordon.

The most important part of a life change is a change of heart. If we don’t have a change of heart, we just keep doing things the same way hoping for a different result: Insanity!

The one word process is rooted in surrender and simplicity! Not in our strength and resolve. Simplicity, when done right, will always bring impact, just as focused light creates a laser that can cut through steel.

The one word process is a powerful tool to kick off the new year!


As leaders, we need to be innovators of change. Change equals improvement. Be willing to take a calculated risk in order to improve and change your business. Learn how to manage change instead of resisting change.

Eight ways to manage change:

  1. Establish a sense of urgency. Define the goal you’re working toward, and establish a timeline. “We want to meet this goal by this time.”
  2. Create a guiding coalition. Choose team members who have the ability to lead and inspire others to embrace change.
  3. Develop a vision and a strategy. Establish your why behind what you’re doing.
  4. Communicate the vision. Articulate and communicate to your team your why behind the what. Use stories to illustrate the reason behind your vision.
  5. Empower broad-based action. Get rid of obstacles and encourage risk-taking. Risk is necessary for success. Take action.
  6. Generate short-term wins. Make small wins tangible and visible so that you and your team can see the positive gains from change. When people taste success, they crave more. Visibly reward early achievers.
  7. Consolidate gains. Once you’ve accumulated small wins, harness that momentum and introduce more change.
  8. Anchor new approaches in the culture. Be in a constant state of innovation and creation. Invest in leadership succession.
Podcast Image

You didn’t become a Chiropractor because you love busy work. You didn’t start your practice because you wanted to work in human resources or file insurance claims. You went into business for yourself because you’re driven to succeed. You’re driven to help people. So…when did your business start driving you? It’s time to let SIDECAR help you take command of your practice.

SIDECAR is a management support tool that provides chiropractic entrepreneurs with a smart set of managed services designed to free you from the hassles of running a chiropractic practice. It’s like a fully loaded billing service with a high performance engine. SIDECAR specializes in everything you don’t want to do: billing, workflow, information technology, and electronic health records.

In addition to its core managed services, SIDECAR offers companion series, web-based deliverables and specialized business mentorship programs. Basically, we’re introducing you to your dream employee. Bills on time, never calls in sick, doesn’t require vacation, and is laser-focused on maintaining consistent and appropriate cash flow.

Let SIDECAR free you from the day-to-day distractions of being a business owner so you can be a chiropractor. It’s amazing what can happen when you’re allowed to focus on your passion.

Suddenly, you’re not just getting by, your thriving.

Suddenly, you’re doing what you love.

SIDECAR…Let’s Ride!

Hello and welcome to SIDECAR. How are you doing? I mean it…really…how are you doing?

Think about these statements, maybe one of them is you:

You’re fresh out of college, as smart as you’ll ever be and ready to make people feel better… and then you feel the grip of the six figure debt that you’ve incurred and overwhelm strikes  . . . now what?

Or maybe you are putting in twelve hour days, paddling as fast as you can to keep your practice above water, longing for the days when you had time to spend with your family.

Or maybe, you are nearing the end of your practice and don’t have a viable exit strategy.  You’d like to see your business continue.  If you sell it, you’ll never get what it’s worth.  And trying to find an associate has been disastrous enough, you can’t imagine trying to find your replacement.

If any of these statements sound like you, then SIDECAR is what you need!

SIDECAR is fully loaded with tools to assist you in navigating through the obstacles you are facing right now and will help pave the path to your future.

Discover how to turn your practice into a business, not a job. You’ll create the practice and lifestyle you dreamed while in Chiropractic College.

You started with a big dream, and SIDECAR can help you reach it.

SIDECAR – your Chiropractic Copilot.

Better Bigger

As leaders, we have to come to work every day assuming that it can get better.  The reality is that in order for our business to get BIGGER, we must focus first on getting BETTER.  If we get BETTER in every aspect of our business, our communities will DEMAND that we get BIGGER.

In this short SIDECAR podcast, Dr. Unruh discusses BETTER before BIGGER and how it will transform your business and your life!


SIDECAR is pleased to present an interview between two of our founding partners Dr. Frank Sovinsky and Dr. Douglas Sea. It is that time again! Tax time! Dr. Douglas Sea, author of DC Money, chiropractic coach and business mentor discusses tax time stress. Whether you’re a new or seasoned chiropractor, struggling or savvy, Dr. Sea has a developed a truly systematic approach to managing your finances that will allow you to create a lifestyle of chiropractic affluence.

You only have three choices when it comes to dealing with taxes.

You can react, resent or respond.


Book: Think Like a Freak by Steven O. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner


Ever feel like you’re trying to reinvent the wheel?

What is the current state of your business and your life?

Whatever frustration you’re experiencing in your chiropractic business or  your life, we can show you how to create consistency and predictability, improve your financial metrics and find meaning in your business and your life.

In this brief 15 minute video, Dr. Nathan Unruh shares his insights on how you can be an architect for your future. You will learn….

  • Key steps for making 2016 your best year
  • How to get what you want. How action versus intention produces results
  • How “One Word Can Change Your Life!”
  • Your “Why” and how it guides your life to fulfillment
  • Becoming a better leader

Take the next step for your business and your life. You can use our business assessment tool to help you decide the best next steps for you to achieve chiropractic affluence. Once you have completed the business assessment tool, a SIDECAR Leader will give you a fresh perspective. We will discuss what’s not working in your business and life and why. We will help you determine the next steps for both short-term relief and long-term change so you can make the right decision for you, your business and your life.


You were born with immense God-given potential. You’ve had this potential your entire life, and it will never go away. This potential whispers to you through desires and dreams that stir in your heart. This potential, however, must be ignited and unleashed. In this brief recording, Dr. Nathan Unruh shares how you can Ignite Your Potential! Dr. Nathan Unruh will share powerful, life-changing principles from his latest book, “Strike It: 9 Catalytic Principles to Ignite Your Potential.”

A FREE electronic version of Dr. Unruh’s book is available for your reading. Please email to receive your copy.

SIDECAR is committed to Liberating Chiropractors to live the life they want and deserve!


If you want to experience more success, significance, and fulfillment in your personal and professional life, I want to encourage you to dedicate yourself to becoming a better leader. In this recording based on the book by Robin Sharma, “A Leader Without a Title,” you will learn the four following training lessons in order to become a better leader:

  1. You need no title to be a great leader!
  2. Tough times lead to great leaders!
  3. The deeper the relationship, the stronger your leadership!
  4. Training and strengthening your inner leader to become a great leader!

Are you just talking, or are you communicating? Our ability to grow our practices is directly proportional to our ability to learn to communicate effectively. In this short, high level SIDECAR conversation, you will learn the key elements of becoming a better communicator.