Death is a fact of life. None of us will ever get out of this world unscathed.

What a positive way to start off this blog post! The point I want to elaborate on today is living a regretless life. Now, it’s truly impossible to live a regretless life but, when you break it down into its components, you can see it is possible to live a regret-less life.

Live your life regretting less.

Have you left things undone or words unsaid? Have you done everything you set out to do in life? A concept that gets thrown around a lot is the idea of having a “bucket list”. This is a noble concept. A list of things that you want to see/do/experience before you die. Unfortunately, most people spend more time filling up their bucket list and never taking the time to empty it out. This leads to living a regretful life. You spend time wishing that you would have done this or said that.

If “I wish I would have worked less” is a regret you’re going to have at the end of your life than you aren’t living with the right mentality. As chiropractors, we are called to care and nurture. I want to get to my end worn out, depleted, and complete, knowing that I accomplished everything I could to help change my corner of the world.

Take some time to self-examine. Say you’re sorry where you need to. Forgive others and move on. Tidy up your circles and don’t leave room for regrets.

Now to end where we started… Life is finite and limited. We never know when it’s going to end.

Live to regret less every day.

Dr. SeaDr. Douglas Sea


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