Driving and marketing – they’re more similar than you think

You don’t even think about the dashboard when you’re driving a car.  

A quick glance now and again to check your speed and away you go. 

That is, unless something goes wrong or needs checking. Then the dashboard can save you time and money.  

It tells you how much gas is in the tank, when the tires are low, if you need an oil change or there’s a problem with a sensor in the engine. 

You can have that same information and control when it comes to marketing your chiropractic practice.  

They may seem like completely different tasks but in key areas, driving and marketing are similar. 

That’s why we included the SIDECAR Digital Dashboard as part of our marketing services package. The dashboard tells you at a glance how your digital marketing is performing.  

Just like in a car – you don’t want to have to check every detail before you go for a drive – the marketing dashboard lets you know how fast you’re going and if something isn’t working the way it should.  

It saves time and makes money. 

And it’s completely automated.  

The SIDECAR Marketing Services team makes sure all the wires are connected so you can see the results at a glance, just like in a car. 

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