Eclipse 2017: Small Talk or Suite Talk?

Unless you were living on another planet, you have been exposed to the hype regarding the Eclipse of 2017.  In fact, I am sure you had the opportunity to chat about it or had been asked about it by countless patients and friends yesterday.  You maybe even took a few minutes out in the parking lot to observe. My question is this: did you turn this opportunity into a SMART Talk conversation, a Small talk conversation, or did your Eclipse discussions erode into the ether of Flat Talk?

Smart Talk

In discussing this with many of you yesterday it dawned on me that this event was analogous to a good old-fashioned blizzard in the Midwest.  The weather often dominates casual conversation in my part of the world.  I shared with one of our SIDECAR Crew that when we were in the midst of a large blizzard weather event many patients would stay home.  The patients who did make it in would often comment:  “Not very busy today, huh doc?”  My response was always the same:  “You are right Mr. Patient, but wait until tomorrow.  ½ inch of ice beneath 6-12 inches of heavy wet snow is every body shop owner and chiropractor’s dream!”

This as you can imagine produced the typical response from the patient:  “Oh doc, you’re so funny, you’re evil, etc.”  However, this was truly SMART Talk: a seed was planted and when this patient spoke to his friend, spouse or co-worker about the weather he or she often commented on the funny statement his chiropractor made.  The not so funny part was the friend was often just in a car accident because of the weather, fell on the ice or hurt themselves shoveling snow.  The follow up comment from my patient was often “Well, I guess my chiropractor was right, you better go see him!”


One of the busiest days in my practice occurred after a 3-day airshow.  There were tens of thousands of spectators in the audience…..all staring into the sky!  Many developed neck complaints.  By my 10:30 cluster I could pick out the attendees just by their neck complaints and head carriage.  They thought I was psychic when I asked them how they liked the airshow.  Their first response became:  “How did you know I was at the airshow?”  My response:  You are the 10th person I’ve seen this morning with a neck like yours!”  Smart Talk: misery loves company. The same phenomena occurred as with the blizzards

Today bring some elliptical SMART Talk into your practice and see if you have some more neck conditions that need your expert care.

Dr. SeaDr. Douglas Sea, CTO SIDECAR