Getting What You Want By Knowing Who You Are

A strong philosophy often spells the difference between success and struggle, passion and boredom. Your philosophy must be practical not theoretical, tangible not invisible, dynamic and fluid not dogmatic and rigid if you are to touch lives. As a Chiropractor you have no choice about the fact that you need a philosophy. Your only choice is whether you define your philosophy by a conscious, disciplined process of thought or allow your brain to accumulate a tangled mass of unconnected ideas, undigested slogans and blatant contradictions. Failure to refine your philosophy leaves you with a sobering consequence, chiropractic uncertainty, self doubt and anxiety.

That’s just part of the story

But that’s just part of the story because the reason patients leave your office, or stay and never refer, is not due to money or time. It’s a consequence of perceived indifference. At the raw core of this indifference, behavioral miscues and procedural breakdowns is a leader who lacks confidence in his/her adjustments. You may be reading this and saying to yourself, “Not me, I know exactly what it is I do.” I hope for your sake that this is true. Yet many of us go through this dark period of ‘chiropractic uncertainty’ but never talk about it. The evidence is right in front of us for all to see in our trade journals.

We have become an ‘industry’ with an identity crisis, not a profession with a mission. On one end we have the disciples who tell patients that the foramen magnum is the ‘mouth of God’ and on the other end failures who teach us that all a person needs is six adjustments. Where do you see it? Are you somewhere in between? Maybe you haven’t really thought about it much and have sort of gone with the flow of yet another super conference fad. Be careful of what you feed your head or you will wind up ‘parrot –phrasing” bromides that are tainted with occult teachings and religious agendas that leave a patient feeling cold and indifferent.

Here’s a quick check list to determine if your philosophy needs updated. Do you use one or more of the following care plans?

Ridged Care Plans: E.g. “Every one needs 40 regardless of age or circumstance.”

Weak Care Plans: E.g. “Their plan only covers 10 office visits so that’s what I recommend” or “They only want to come in twice a week so that’s what I recommend” or “They can only afford . . . so I alter my recommendations.”

Capricious Care Plans: E.g. Winging it depending on your mood and passion barometer for the day, “Let’s get a few adjustments under your belt and then we will see what’s next. We’ll see how it goes.”

Now for the good news, you have a brain and thinking changes thinking. And better thinking builds bigger practices Begin that process by sitting down with your coach and clarifying where you need the most development. Is it core philosophy, post adjustment confidence or patient communication skills? All of these can be learned, if identified.

Chiropractic Health Care is Life Altering!

We are a profession with an unprecedented vision and you are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the only people who can inspire hope and witness first hand the awesome healing power of nature.

If you are bold enough and dedicate yourself to defining your philosophy, mastering your technique, becoming a skilled communicator you will inspire everyone you come into contact with. People will be attracted to you and your message and the word will spread from the patients, to their friends, family and co-workers.

What you do matters because there are hundreds of thousands of people that suffer needlessly and will continue a life of drudgery, hopelessness and mediocrity unless you stand up and shout. You are the Chiropractic vision and you must stretch and grow as leaders.