It’s simple: Treat, Measure, Repeat

 The simple solution is usually the best solution. 

That’s certainly true for chiropractors when it comes to dealing with reimbursement and treatment plans. 

Sometimes we make things too hard. 

That’s the message from the May episode of The Herd. Dr. Nathan Unruh’s guest is Dr. Ronald Farabaugh, an expert on treatment guidelines and the reimbursement environment.  

Too many chiropractors get twisted up chasing insurance codes or trying to justify long care plans. In today’s world of evidenced-based care, the best path is a simple one, Farabaugh says. 

One, treat a new patient for six visits. 

Two, measure pain and function. 

Three, communicate. 

Repeat until they get better. 

It may sound oversimplified. And sure, there are details to be accounted for. That’s where your skills and abilities as a chiropractor come in.  

Like it or not, you’re part of an integrated health system. The more aware you are, the better care you’ll provide and the smoother practice you’ll have. 

Dig into The Herd with Drs. Unruh and Farabaugh and simplify your life.