Here’s a patient KPI that you need to know

Dr. Bill has been here a lot lately.  

Right here, in this same spot, staring out the window watching cars drive by. 

Or sitting in the office doing paperwork. 

Or maybe – and this is bad – cruising Twitter on his phone. 

Just waiting for something good to happen. 

Waiting for the next patient. 

Staring out the window gives Dr. Bill time to think. He wonders, “What’s wrong with my practice?” 

Dr. Bill knows he’s a good chiropractor, but those patients aren’t coming back as much as he thinks they should. At least that’s what he thinks.  

And Dr. Bill, being a smart guy, wonders if that’s true.  

“Am I retaining new patients like I should?” he says out loud to no one in particular. “How do I know? Can I measure it? Is there an app for that?” 

We’ve got good news for Dr. Bill. There’s not an app, but there is a KPI. 

In fact, it’s called Current Active Retention and it’s a Key Performance Indicator that all chiropractors should be tracking for business growth. 

Current Active Retention is different than the Patient Visit Averages that you may be using in your practice today. Active Retention focuses on the first 90 days of your relationship with that person.  

Dr. Doug Sea and Dr. Nathan Unruh discuss the differences between the two, how to calculate CAR and how to use it in the April Fuel Tank. You can watch that here.

“I promise, if you do the work to get the data, the Active Retention can be transformational to your business and be one of the main accelerators of the growth of your business,” Dr. Sea says. 

In this month’s Fuel Tank, you’ll learn: 

  • What your new patient numbers are really telling you.  
  • Does your practice really need more “new ones?” 

Let us know how SIDECAR can help you implement Current Active Retention in your practice.