Leaders are Learners!

Powerful leaders have several characteristics and attributes that contribute to their success. They are great communicators, experienced go-getters, and have high emotional intelligence. However, one of the most attractive traits a leader can have is also the simplest — getting excited about learning. A great leader is no less excited about learning a new skill than a child on the first day of kindergarten. This desire to learn guarantees a leader stays on the forefront of his/her profession and keeps the mind open to fresh ideas.

Conversely, the struggles experienced when trying to grow personally or professionally can many times point to one dangerous fixed mindset characteristic, the know-it-all mentality. It’s not easy to admit you don’t have all the answers. However, carrying this weight on your shoulders creates a burden that will severely bottleneck your ability to improve and grow.

So how can we embrace the love of learning?

You Can Become a Learner

First, realize there are millions of new ideas generated every day. You’ll never be the source of them all. To grow you’ll have to expose yourself and soak up as much of them as you can!

The easiest exercise to embrace this concept is to think of the best leader you know or have ever been around. Envision how that person conducts themselves. Regardless of who you’re thinking of I’m willing to bet the following:

  • That leader brings enthusiasm and creativity to every meeting and relationship they are involved in
  • That leader leads by example in their organization
  • That leader reads books and takes advantage of training opportunities
  • That leader never stops asking questions and engaging others to share their thoughts and ideas

Powerful leaders understand that growth, both personally and professionally, is a requisite to living a full and impacting life. The second you stop growing, you start dying. Momentum is a powerful thing that begins to fade the second complacency and comfort set in.

Let go the burden of thinking you must know it all. Embrace a beginner’s mindset and open yourself up to the possibility that their may be a better way than how you’re currently living.

Leaders are learners, and you can be too!