Let’s Play Jeopardy

Let’s play a version of the TV game show Jeopardy. 

In our version of Jeopardy, the category is Chiropractic Marketing.  

You: “I’ll take Chiropractic Marketing for $200.” 

Host: Your answer is, Not Exactly Sure. 

You: “How much am I spending on digital marketing every month?” 

Host: Correct! 

You: “Chiropractic Marketing for $400.” 

Host: The answer is, Yes. 

You: “Is it a lot of money?” 


You: “I’m feeling hot, let’s go right to Chiropractic Marketing for $1,000.” 

The answer: Not Enough. 

You: “That’s an easy one. What am I getting back from what I spend on digital marketing.” 

Host: Correct! You’ve swept the category and won the game. Unfortunately, it also means you are spending a lot of money but not getting the business you want and need from your digital marketing. 

Can you see yourself in that scenario? Most chiropractors, including me, have been there. 

Why is that? We’re smart people, after all. It’s because we’re busy making people feel better and running all the other aspects of the business. There’s not time to learn and keep up to date with the constantly changing landscape of marketing on the internet and social media. 

And maybe you have somebody on staff who “takes care of that.” Is it working? 

That’s why we developed SIDECAR Marketing Services. For a flat, monthly fee we will take all the details of digital marketing off your plate so you can do what you do best. Take care of patients, your team and your business. 

The SIDECAR Marketing Service keeps you informed so you know what you’re getting. You can measure how your money is performing. And it’s simple for you to use.  

You can read more about the three levels of service by clicking here. [LINK: https://sidecaredge.com/support-services/marketing/] 

One final answer: Definitely. 

The question: Can SIDECAR Marketing Services make my life easier?