Lions. Chairs. Business.

We tend to chase shiny objects and it creates confusion in our lives. When this happens, we lack focus, clarity, or whatever word helps gain that level of precision for you. I want you to think about how a lion is tamed, and there’s been many different methods over the years. Lions have been tamed using a whip, a gun, even a chair. Yes… a chair. Why would a lion tamer use a chair? How on Earth could a simple kitchen chair intimidate such a creature? Well, the truth is, the lion is not afraid of the chair, it’s just confused by it. Felines are single minded, and they only see the four prongs of the chair coming towards them, this makes the lion unsure which leg to focus on. The lion loses its concentration rendering it almost harmless. We need to sharpen our ability to focus on the vital and get rid of the minimal. Success is never about adding, it’s about shedding. As we look at how we serve others through our business, we must focus on the fundamentals. We must have a clear business path towards success. So, today I want you to ask yourself, where are you confusing the people you serve?

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