A Little Something Special

What is special about your office experience?

As chiropractors, we compete every day in a very crowded healthcare market. However, chiropractic care isn’t limited to competing in just one market. We also compete in the service industry. Each and every day you’re not only competing against other medical practitioners in town, but also the local coffee shop! Research shows that consumers spend money based on the level of experience they feel they had. If the consumer feels their experience was exceptional at your office compared to anywhere else; they are more apt to allocate their resources accordingly.

Your patient is comparing you to their last best experience.

So how do you give your business that little something special? Anticipating needs is a great place to start. It’s simple. If it’s raining outside, greet your patients at their vehicle with an umbrella and a smile. If it’s hot out, offer them a bottle of water. That little something special is a low-cost, high-value opportunity. Simply learning and remembering a patient’s name can boost the experience.  Take advantage of each little opportunity and watch how it adds up over time to enhance the overall patient experience in your office.

Dr. SeaDr. Douglas Sea