The Simplest Tool to Eliminate Excuses in Your Workplace

Excuses are lack of accountability can ruin any workplace environment. 

The Accountability Ladder is a simple tool that has proven to be instrumental in developing a healthy company culture. The purpose of the Accountability Ladder is to get each member on your team to understand the idea that you don’t need a title to be a leader. Keep yourself and each other accountable. As a company, your goal should be to operate “above the line”.

The Accountability Ladder consists of ten statements. Statements one through six are considered to be “below the line”:

  1. Ignore/Deny the Situation
  2. Make Excuses
  3. Finger Point
  4. Tell Me What to Do
  5. Cover Your Tail
  6. Wait and See

Statements seven through ten are considered “above the line” and are where your company should strive to operate on a daily basis:

  1. Acknowledge Reality
  2. Own it
  3. Solve it
  4. Take Action

The Accountability Ladder, when implemented correctly, becomes part of your company DNA. Team members are able to refer to the accountability ladder in conversation and help steer one another to operating “above the line.”

Dr. Nathan UnruhDr. Nathan Unruh, CXO SIDECAR