Some Things Come to Those Who Wait; but, Who Wants Leftovers?

Are you willing to settle for leftovers? Of course not, but the clock is ticking and every day you procrastinate you lose money and the goal line of financial freedom gets farther and farther away. I know that deep down you are willing to do everything it takes to provide the best for your family. I promise you that if you act with more urgency when given advice from your coaches and have the patience to hold the course, nothing can stop you. You might be thinking that having patience and acting with greater urgency is contradictory. In fact the secret to winning is remaining cool under pressure. You must have both to win.

Patience is the capacity to endure and persevere without becoming upset or annoyed. You must learn to embrace adversity and view it as a critical part of your leadership training. Your new motto is, “Bring it on baby!”

Urgency means taking immediate action. This emotional response to a biochemical cocktail produced in your brain is both compelling and wonderfully addictive. Use it, focus it and unleash its power.

Procrastination is the habit of postponing important actions. In coaching circles it is known as client push back, and is always followed by a, “Why?” or “I’m working on it.”

Waiting is doing nothing expecting something to happen. Now I know you may be saying to yourself that you are overwhelmed with all things you have on your plate. So before you say, “I am doing everything,” let me give you a few salient examples of doing nothing.

  • The busy work that keeps you occupied majoring in the minors
  • Waiting for the right time to hire, to fire, to change hours, to change techniques
  • Waiting to implement the Seven Accounts System until you have more money
  • Skipping yet another seminar
  • Waiting for new patients to just appear
  • Waiting till after your summer vacation to get busy doing the things you have put off all year
  • Waiting to begin coaching

A frequent question we get asked is, “How do I create a sense of urgency to do the things I need to do?” Our retort is simple, “There is never a right answer to the wrong question.” The question could be, “How do I unlearn my habit of procrastination?” And the answer to that question is to start acting on each piece of advice. Every time you ‘push back’ from coaching insights and say, “Yeah but” you reinforce procrastination and suppress the natural compulsion for urgency.

Could procrastination be another example of entitlement mentality? I think so. It is a hidden de-motivator that is cloaked in resentment. You may resent having to do all the strategic, managerial and technical work necessary to be a successful entrepreneur. You may even imagine that your successful colleagues don’t have to work as hard as you do. Procrastination, entitlement and misplaced optimism are dream killers. Urgency and patience will take you all the way to the bank!