Why You Should Stop Wasting Time on “Professional Growth”

Dedicating time to professional growth is a half-truth that masks a bigger opportunity.

I want to dispel a myth today that I think does more harm than good: the concept of “Professional Growth”. There is nothing wrong with “Professional Growth” but I believe it to be a half-truth. Underlying “Professional Growth” is the fundamental concept of Personal Growth. You cannot grow professionally without growing personally. I have never grown professionally without first growing as a person.

I base this opinion off two concepts:
1. Every business is a family business
2. You are your brand
Allow me to explain.
Every Business is a Family Business
This reality is something that I’ve learned over the past twenty years. As a small business owner, I’ve discovered that good days at work translate to good days at home. Bad days at home translate to bad days at work. There’s no denying this and no way around it. Having your home life in order and your relationships healthy lays the foundation for your business to prosper. Understanding this basic principle highlights the importance of internal personal growth and getting yourself right before entering the threshold of your business.
You are Your Brand
Your brand exists in the mind of the consumer. As a small business owner, you are your brand. Every aspect about you makes up a component of your brand. Different consumers will gravitate towards different characteristics of your business. Becoming a well-rounded individual with a big heart and a head on your shoulders is the most important thing you can do for your brand.
Dedicating to Personal Growth
One statement I strongly urge you to add into your Code of Honor is “Dedicating to Personal Growth”. Becoming more financially literate and gaining business knowledge are crucial components of growing your business. However, before you set out to better understand how to sell, market, or advertise; work on your ability to communicate, lead, and influence others.
Too many times I have seen business professionals attempt to cover up internal issues and personal weak areas instead of confronting the real personal issues: honesty, confidence, receptiveness, etc. We try to hide these by learning new skills, working harder, and seeking external achievement elsewhere.

There is nothing wrong with attending seminars, talks, or learning new avenues related to your business. However, if you are struggling with something internally that is affecting your business daily; confronting this issue head on will provide the most immediate results in your life and ROI in your business.

“Professional Growth” is a tool for enhancing your strengths; not masking your weaknesses.

Let’s Ride,
Dr. Nathan UnruhDr. Nathan Unruh, CXO, SIDECAR