Subtracting Your Way to Success

At one point in my chiropractic career I had 11 different techniques that I used to treat patients; I thought I was the man! I figured that the more I could do the more magnetic I would be to more people. What actually happened was that I created confusion in my patient’s minds as well as my own. This story is a great example of the power of subtraction.

What is Subtraction?

Subtraction is defined as the art of removing anything excessive, confusing, wasteful, unnatural, hazardous, hard to use, ugly or the discipline to refrain from adding it in the first place. You see, success is about shedding not adding. In order to get better we need to focus on our strengths and get better at them.

The art of subtraction holds many practical applications. Understand in your business that efficient communication is about saying less words, not more. This is true whether it’s handling patient phone calls or your close at the end of a customer encounter. Often, spending habits are another area where subtraction can make a vital change. We tend to buy stuff that we think will make us happy.

Subtracting isn’t easy. Many of the things that need to be subtracted in your life have been in place for a long time. However, by subtracting these things you will increase your ability to grow astronomically.

Dr. Nathan UnruhDr. Nathan Unruh, CXO SIDECAR