The Herd: Lessons From 38 Years of Success. 

There’s a universal lesson in the latest edition of The Herd with Dr. Nathan Unruh. 

Dr. Unruh’s guest this month is Dr. Jeff Mackey. With more than 38 years in practice, Dr. Mackey has valuable insight into what makes a successful chiropractor. Not just in business, but in life.  

You can watch the entire conversation here.  

The topics range from X-Rays to goal setting to lifelong learning. 

That universal lesson? It centers around humility and it’s one that we can never forget. Chiropractors are like any medical professional, Dr. Mackey says. 

“None of us have all the answers,” he says. 

That’s true whether you are a neurosurgeon, family practice doctor or chiropractor. We all learn from each other for the benefit of the patient.  

Patients don’t expect you to know everything so when you don’t have the immediate answer, so say so. 

People want to help you, so ask. 

Bringing humility to patient interactions, corresponding like a professional with medical doctors and taking the perspective of service is the blueprint for a successful chiropractic practice.  

There’s a lot more to unpack from this edition of The Herd, but here’s maybe the best quote: “The bigger the house, the bigger the personal library. The smaller the house, the bigger the television.” 

Have a listen and be prepared to learn.