Listen, this is serious

This may make your eyes roll back in your head. 

The threats to your computer and technology system is real.  

That means the potential threat to your extremely value information is also real. 

And it could cost you a lot of money. 

Yes, this is about I.T. security, not something that a lot of us want to spend our time thinking about.  

But you must.   

You might be thinking, sure, I hear about big companies getting hacked, what does that have to do with me? 

Don’t think it can’t happen to you, because it can, and it likely will in some form. Which is why we are spending time, energy and resources to illustrate the steps we can take now to prevent it. 

Recently, we’ve had some sobering conversations with Joe Zueger, president of SIDECAR I.T. 

You can watch Joe here

The reality is that too many of us haven’t headed the warnings about the threats to the technology that underpins our businesses.  

It’s time to take action. 

The threats to your systems and users are real and growing. They are happening every day. 

Inaction could cost you money – a lot of it. 

The hackers aren’t just breaking in and poking around. Ransomeware is a 24/7 concern, among other risks we face daily.  

There is an entire underworld of people who will lock down your information systems, preventing you – and us – from accessing your vital data. 

Then they blackmail you. 

Pay up or it all gets deleted.  

It’s a no-win proposition that many, many organizations – small businesses, non-profits, local governments – have had to navigate. 

You know what they do? 

They pay the ransom – often tens of thousands of dollars. Too often there’s no other choice. 

There’s very little we can do once this happens. The best defense is prevention. 

If you agree, there are measures we can take now to give you the best possible security available. 

After talking with Joe, we feel a responsibility to make sure our SIDECAR family understands how serious this is. 

Yes, it will cost a little more money to protect your information. But the alternative is a risk we don’t want to take. 

We know you’re busy. But we believe it’s worth the time for all of us to have this conversation with SIDECAR I.T.  

We believe in Joe. We also like the SIDECAR I.T. flat-rate fee system, which removes much of the burden of dealing with I.T. problems.  

And in situations like these, when the threats have serious implications for our businesses, it’s reassuring to have a professional watching your back. 

In the next installment, we’ll talk a little about how SIDECAR I.T. helps businesses with security.