You’re Going to Jail

You’re a thief. I’m a thief too… sometimes. Anytime you give less than your best effort, you’re stealing. 

Think about that with the tasks you perform, the work that you do, or the service you provide. Think about that with your children, your spouse, and the people around you. If you’re not giving your best effort, you’re stealing from them. As cliché as it sounds, always strive to do our best. We need to constantly improve our skillset so that our minds can flourish, our relationships can blossom, and our lives can advance. 

Let me share an analogy with you. I live in South Dakota. It tends to get below 0 degrees in the winter and the wind blows the snow around. If my vehicle only starts 7/10 times in that kind of weather, I am not going to keep that vehicle. I’m buying a new vehicle. What I’m saying is: you need to give your best effort 10/10 times, not 7/10 times. Don’t be a thief today, you owe it to yourself.