Daily life has been upended by the coronavirus pandemic.  

At SIDECAR we’ve been gathering all the information we can to help chiropractors through this crisis.  

What I keep coming back to is this singular message: Control the controllables.  

I’m sure you’ve probably seen or heard that phrase in other communication from us. But that’s not enough. This is the time to not only make sure you get through the pandemic – and it will end – but also prepare to grow your business when the stress eases.  

We changed the focus of this month’s Fuel Tank to “Business Survival Kit: How to stay proactive during a crisis.” That session is Thursday at noon central. You can still sign up here.  

It’s also available in replay afterward. Watch for that link soon.  

Our guests on the webinar are Dr. Ray Foxworth, Bill Esteb and Dr. Shahana Alibhai.

Dr. Foxworth’s participation, and other efforts by CHUSA, was highlighted this week by Chiropractic Economics on their website, Read that here.

We’ve also created the Coronavirus Business Survival Kit for download. You can get that here.   

The kit includes: 

  • Ten activities you and your staff can do now to not only survive but prepare to grow. 
  • A two-week email campaign to stay connected to send to your patients.  
  • Images that match the emails to use on social media. 
  • A Power Point presentation you can use to educate patients or other groups.  

These are two resources we hope you’ll take advantage of in the near term. The SIDECAR crew is committed to serving you during difficult times as well as good.  

We will ride alongside you through coronavirus… and beyond. 


This month’s Fuel Tank feature’s dragons.

That’s right, dragons.

It’s called “Slay the Dragons that are Dragging Down Your Billing.”

Click here to register for the webinar, which is at noon on Thursday, March 19. Even if you can’t make that time, register anyway and you’ll get all the updates and links to the replay. It’s almost as good.

The Billing Dragon

Now, I’m not going to say that at SIDECAR we’d try to make billing more entertaining by adding dragons. But I hope we got your attention.

Because billing can be frightening and for a lot of chiropractors it’s a source of huge stress. But what most of us don’t realize is how much money it’s costing.

We’ll go through the seven dragons in particular that cause you problems.

You can read more about that in this story about billing that we wrote for Chiropractic Economics magazine, one of the oldest and most-respected trade journals in the country. It’s pretty cool.

In the meantime, take a look at your financial systems. Odds are that things could be tightened up.

Hope to see you all there on March 19.