From time to time we all get tempted by the slick fix program or seduced by the teachers who claim to have the ‘secret’ to success. It’s not their fault. They are simply scratching that itch we have, the itch to be successful . . . NOW!

We all want the fast track to the next level and that means skipping steps. Skipping ahead to the next level would be like missing those awkward years of junior high school. Imagine if it were possible to skip the pressure of school work and the whole body changing ordeal, dating and fitting in thing.

Deep down you and I both know that it’s not possible to grow to the next level without growing through adversity. My point is this: You can’t just think positive thoughts and expect the world to come to you. You must act more than you think. Even if you could surround yourself with only positive people, and invest hours a day reading inspirational books and listening to audiobooks, it would not change your life.

The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. Keep that in your mind as your brain is attracted to a fluffier promise of success. There is no secret to weight loss. I don’t care how many thin people you look at. If you feed your pie hole with sugar and fat you will attract fat!

If you sit more than you move, you will attract fat! The same is true of success. I don’t care how many positive, shiny, happy people you look at, if all you do is get ready to get ready, you will attract a fatty practice. If you think more than you act you will attract practice fat.

The cure for obesity is to take long walks and keep your mouth shut. The cure for practice obesity is to take huge steps and keep your eyes wide open.

To be a great chiropractor you will need to ACT in spite of uncertainty. The only thing that is certain is that failure to act will result in more of the same. Each letter of the word ACTION contains a memory stick.

A – Attention
C – Commitment, consistency
T – Target, goal
I – Intensity
O – Observable movement, not in your head, others should be able to see the action
N – No excuses


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