Billing. Business Coaching. Belonging.

SIDECAR was founded by chiropractors who wanted more from their businesses and their lives: more support, more freedom, and more opportunities.

We handle all your billing for a flat-rated fee and provide the resources, training, and support you need to grow and run your business successfully.

How We Grow Your Bottom Line

SIDECAR becomes an extension of your staff where you need it most, because good business starts with good billing.

  • Billing Help Desk

    We become your team’s go-to resource for all the individual billing, coding, and collections questions that require expert advice.

  • SIDECAR Billing Services

    We become your revenue cycle management team, guaranteeing the on-time billing, clear reporting, and data-driven guidance that will make your business more profitable and less stressful.

How We Grow Your Business

SIDECAR offers all of the tools, training, and support you need to become a confident business owner.

  • Coaching

    Our coaching program provides you a tight-knit circle of expert support, with unlimited access to our Coaching Hotline and opportunities for regular individualized or group coaching sessions.

  • Interactive Training Platform

    SIDECAR Overdrive, our training platform, provides over 1,500 interactive training exercises with relevant and role-specific content for everyone on your team.

How We Support Your Growth

SIDECAR takes care of the marketing, branding and I.T. needs so you can grow your business strategically and securely.

  • I.T. Services

    We securely manage your computers, software, and network so you don’t have to worry.

  • Marketing Services

    We provide customized branding, marketing materials, and plug-and-play digital marketing services so you can attract new patients effectively and affordably.

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“Never once in 15 years of practice did I hit my patient goal I had set for myself and I always thought the answer was better marketing or harder work. Then I came to SIDECAR, followed their system and now I hit that goal almost every week.”

“We cannot remember the last time we had to stay up worrying about making overhead for the month. We even opened up a second practice. If you are ready to do better, you’re not going to find a group of better people to guide you.”