Be Inspired. Get Connected. Reach Your Potential.

At SIDECAR, we believe that if you’re not learning, you’re not growing. That’s why we offer ongoing training for you and your team, as well as opportunities to network and grow with like-minded practitioners. We are proud to offer SIDECAR events throughout the year to connect and inspire people in growing their business and reaching their goals.

Upcoming Events

Brain Spa 2021

September 17-18

At Brain SPA, you’ll hear inspirational training on self improvement, connect with like-minded business owners, learn from industry experts and explore ways to build your brand and grow your business.

SIDECAR Nutritional Summit

Beginning December 2, 2021

This 6 week program will combine nutrition and business-based principles that provide impact to patients and the business.

  • How to apply clinical nutrition to the most common health conditions.
  • Multiple ways to address inflammation and chronic pain.
  • Focus on detoxification, adrenal stress, food allergies, cultural influences, obesity, pediatric conditions, and diabetes.