More revenue. Real freedom. Zero hassle.

As chiropractors, we know the stress and strain of billing can be overwhelming. You want to be paid fairly for your hard work—without the hassle of coding, collections and staffing issues.

That’s why SIDECAR is here. We offer service plans to handle all your billing needs, and a help desk for your team’s toughest questions. SIDECAR becomes your revenue cycle management team, so you can have the business and life you imagined.

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We Take Care Of Your Billing

SIDECAR manages your billing, ensuring it’s done on time, increasing your cash flow, and improving your customer experience.

  • Revenue Cycle Management

    Our experts handle all your claims processing needs so you don’t have to worry about billing or reimbursement issues.

  • Data-Driven Guidance

    We offer clear reporting and measure key performance indicators so you know how to increase the bottom line.

  • Structure and Support

    We provide a transparent, reliable billing system and unlimited help desk support so your team never gets stuck.

We Support Your Team

Our Help Desk is integrated into our three billing service plans, or available separately for purchase, and includes:

  • Coding

    Guidance for proper ICD-10 and CPT coding

  • Collections

    Troubleshooting a collection issue with a patient or insurance company

  • Accounts Receivable

    Identifying a specific obstacle that is complicating your AR process.

“Never once in 15 years of practice did I hit my patient goal I had set for myself and I always thought the answer was better marketing or harder work. Then I came to SIDECAR, followed their system and now I hit that goal almost every week.”

“We cannot remember the last time we had to stay up worrying about making overhead for the month. We even opened up a second practice. If you are ready to do better, you’re not going to find a group of better people to guide you.”

What Makes Our Billing Service Plans Unique

Flat Monthly Fee

We offer a monthly, flat-rated fee with no extended contracts, ensuring you always have predictability and control.

Peace of Mind

Our experts manage your billing and provide unlimited help desk support. We liberate you from the stress of billing.

Proven Results

Most of our partners see at least a 30% reduction in time spent on accounts receivable and a 20% increase to the bottom line.

Watch Your Revenue Grow with SIDECAR Billing

Through our work with hundreds of chiropractors, we’ve found that most have gaps in their operations and billing systems. We can help your business become more profitable and less stressful.