Are they going to bury you at the office?

There may come a day when you don’t want to work all the time. 

Maybe, and just stay with me for a moment, you may actually want to slow down and start to do some other things.  

Are you ready for the next phase of your practice? To enjoy life and pass what you built to the next generation.  

Your quick answer is probably yes, but odds are pretty good that the real answer is no. Why? Because very few chiropractors are ready. The stories of bad deals, failed sales and ruined careers are too numerous to quantify but you’ve all heard them. 

Maybe your answer is, “I’m not going to retire.”  

That’s great. But life changes. 

That’s why we created the SIDECAR Successorship Planning system.  

We are chiropractors because we love what we do, which at its core is making people feel better. Do you still want to be adjusting when you’re 70? If you want to keep working, that’s great.  

Is that because you want to? Or because you have to? 

For most of us there comes a day when you don’t want to be in that grind. You’ll want to slow down and eventually retire. You can’t just turn over the keys to a young associate, get in your luxury SUV and drive to Florida.   

There is a path to a successful disengagement from the rigors of running a practice. You can create personal freedom and sustain financial independence. But your business has to be ready. You have to be ready. And your successor has to be ready. 

SIDECAR’s battle-tested Successorship Planning system of business analysis and strategy prepares you to bring a quality successor into your practice. We’ve gone through this personally and we’ve helped other doctors just like you.   

You’ll get…. 

  • Clarity: Are you ready? When will you be ready? What do you need to do to get ready?  
  • Strategy: How to find the right person to be your successor, including behavior testing, interviewing and selection. 
  • Execution: All the details and documents you need to execute the plan including contracts, timelines and a detailed, month-by-month guide to making it happen. 

Picture a day when you are free from the shackles of daily business. Picture a day when you are transitioning your brand and business to a doctor who is well-prepared for continued success. Picture that day when you are exploring the next phase of your life and all that it holds.   

Picture a day when you are free.  The road to a sustainable life of affluence is there if you follow it. There’s no substitute for our program. 

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