The Herd: Do more, want to be more, and become your potential

A person of interest is in the business of becoming a thought leader, creating, doing, inventing, and disrupting.

Unpack what makes a person of interest from an August episode of The Herd. Dr. Nathan Unruh’s guest is Coach Micheal Burt.

Throughout the years, Coach Micheal Burt has deeply immersed himself in Stephen Covey’s work and has built a decade-worth of competitive intelligence into a national championship program. If he were to choose to suddenly become a chiropractor, he would still apply the principles he lives out today.

Start with your magnetic concept or unique message.

Sell its uniqueness for people to gravitate towards you.

That’s just how the world works. The people who are known get the most opportunity. You can be the most skilled and yet remain unknown so you need to put in the work to avoid that.

Fortunately, you can change the narrative from “I’m not that person” to “How can I become that person?” After all, “You want to become your potential,” Burt says.

Dig into The Herd with Dr. Unruh and Burt and actively pursue your potential.