Everyone Wants the Benefits of Chiropractic Care!

For too many years in practice I labored under an illusion that cost me relationships, reputation, and a ton of money. The pervasive feeling I had was that patients really didn’t want to be in my office. Sure, I had reason to feel this way. They complained, they were non-compliant and they resisted education. I concluded that most patients were irresponsible and didn’t care about their health.

Maybe you had the same premise or maybe you still do.

Armed with what I thought was ‘real world awareness’ I approached each new patient with considerable anxiety. I played the ‘passive aggressive’ game trying to jockey for a position of control. I had to outsmart them and dazzle them with stats, studies and technology. I was so sure that they didn’t want to be there that everything I said and everything I did centered on getting them to want chiropractic. I became product focused not patient focused.

My passionate chiropractic career had turned into a sales job.

My scripts, posters and props did what they were designed to do, sell the doctor! My sales managers, the purveyors of these sales tools, fed my fear and thinned my pocketbook.

And then one day I turned my frustration into fascination. I imagined my life without adjustments. I wondered how I would feel if I could no longer get adjusted. My answers flowed: tired, hurting, sad, mud headed, and frustrated. Then it hit me, I wanted to be adjusted even before I knew what being adjusted was. I wanted to feel great, think clearly and look good. How about you? How would you feel if you could never get another adjustment? Ask your staff the same question.

You SEE what you BELIEVE!

Patients are people and just like you, people want the benefits of chiropractic. Instead of looking for reasons to convince yourself that patients don’t want to be there, catch people wanting to be there. A missed appointment is just that. Imagine your practice filled with patients who want to be there. It’s easy, because it’s true.