Finding financial affluence is a lifelong gift

There’s no better Valentine’s Day message than financial stability. 

Doesn’t sound very romantic, does it? 

It’s true though. We know that one of the biggest tension points in a relationship is money. How it’s spent, who spent it and where it comes from.  

We recently finished up our couple’s retreat in Santa Rosa Beach, Fla., where Dr. Doug Sea discussed his financial journey and the role it played in his relationship.  

Dr. Sea is a co-founder of SIDECAR and author of the book “$even: A Proven System for Achieving Financial Affluence.” The book explains the Seven Accounts System, which Dr. Sea created early in his marriage to manage the family’s money. 

It works, not just for the Sea family, but countless others who have learned the system.  

That’s why we’re bringing in Dr. Sea for our next Fuel Tank.  

If you’re not using the Seven Accounts System, sign up for the Fuel Tank. It’s not only good for your marriage, it will put your practice on a firm foundation and just make life better, relieving some of the stress while allowing you to grow your wealth and have fun at the same time. 

The great thing about “$even” is how practical it is. Yes, there’s some sacrifice and discipline, but it also recognizes that we can’t live like hermits.  

You can download “$even” here to get started. 

Share it with your partner and make this the year you found financial stability – together. 

Happy Valentine’s Day.