Hey there Lazy!

What an accusation? No, we are not talking about you trying to avoid your physical work. That’s the old type.

What we are talking about is the kind of laziness that loathes the idea of taking initiative. The kind of laziness that will rather keep you checking your email inbox again and again than create something valuable during work hours.

The laziness that shies you away from taking responsibility.

The laziness that makes you refuse to follow a business lead just because there is a chance that it might not work.

The laziness that makes you only do what you are told and never allows you to handle situations contextually.

The laziness that makes you like to be vague about what success means so that you are off the hook when things go awry.

This is the new type of laziness, the Modern Laziness. A Modern Lazy passionately avoids anything requiring emotional labor. This is the kind of laziness that offers short term relief but keeps its victim small and invisible.

In today’s blog Dr. Nathan Unruh will let you know more about Modern Laziness so you can fight it when it creeps in the next time.