Is This the Year?

Without dreams or goals, there is no hope for the future and without hope there is despair and negative thinking. In many ways, your goals define you, that is why it is so important to have the strongest possible goals you can imagine. You are not the sum of your accomplishments or failures. You are not the very worst or the very best thing you have ever done. You are your dreams and your actions upon those goals. Your goals are a map for getting where you want to go.

Achieving your goals requires that you first define what it is that you want and then begin to work to get it (OBTAIN-ATTAIN). Eventually, as you begin to implement these daily action items we are discussing and your own customized plan, you will realize that these dreams or goals are your only competition in life. Once you have set your goals, there will be no further reason to “want” what other people have. You will only want to reach your own goals.

Your Impact

We would like to let you in on another secret, you are having an impact on the world. Your conscious and subconscious thoughts move matter. Do not let this power become corrupted or wasted on worry and fear, because the things you think about most, manifest. We challenge you to take responsibility for your thoughts and to eliminate the “chattering monkeys” that pull you back into the “swamp of mediocrity “. Your conscious actions bring you closer to your destiny. Stay awake, be attentive! We are unique and therefore we leave a distinct impression and lasting legacy for mankind to inherit. What will be said about you? How will your actions benefit the generations that follow? Do you choose to discipline your mind and develop your mental prowess? If so, engage every aspect of the plan with full commitment. The other choice is to accept your plight , and learn to be content as a cow, ruminating over your possibilities. Cows ruminate, they chew on it over and over again. Human beings swallow life whole.

You are almost ready to write your future. The goals that you choose to manifest as a result of thinking connect you with that essence inside of you. The source is clean and the fruit you harvest will be of exceptional quality. Some of you will actively seek God’s will in your planning and ask his blessing. For others it will be an extra-sensory experience of such magnitude that you will know first hand that a universal design does indeed exist.

Imagine yourself sitting on a white beach at sunrise. As you look out over the gentle waves you see a vast series of islands stretching far out over the horizon. The goals that you wish to reach are like setting foot on these lush islands.  Keep in mind that this is a quest with a series of bridges and beach landings.

Your quest must be planned and well provisioned, or you will find yourself a castaway surviving in a desperate life of survival.  Now use all the resources and energy available to you so that you can construct  temporary bridges between where you are and where you want to be. These bridges can not be permanent as it can tempt you to halt your conquest or worse, go back to the perceived safety of the past.

  1. You must commit fully to the process of success. When you commit there will be no chance to draw back or hesitate.  If you hear yourself saying “a part of me wants it” stop and reload for a goal that “all of you” desires.
  2. Set reachable goals, they should be out of reach but not out of sight. It is important to stretch yourself beyond the present yet this must be balanced so that you have the self -efficacy to press on. Setting unbelievable goals will only discourage you.
  3. It is important to keep a wide angle perspective as you view all of the island goals you wish to land upon. Just as you are about to set foot on one, plot the course to the next beach head.
  4. It doesn’t matter whether the goals that you reach are large or small, because you will be gaining momentum.
  5. The moment you look back you abruptly come out of the flow experience. While it is important to celebrate your accomplishments and mark your milestones, stay in the present and nurture the experience from there.  Briefly acknowledge how far you’ve come, give yourself a high five and get back in the game.
  6. Before you go to sleep, invite your dream. Your subconscious will work while you sleep. Place a pen and paper or voice recording device on your nightstand. Your Innate flashes of creativity must not be forgotten.
  7. Explore areas of learning that interest you. Don’t be concerned that the material or subject may not apply at this very moment. It could be an innate nudge in a direction or simply a focusing opportunity.
  8. Once you have set a series of goals, accept them as being a part of who you are becoming.
  9. Before you get out of bed, visualize your day with specific goals to accomplish. Every completion leads to the next island.
  10. Give yourself permission to “daydream”, for this is your intuition drawing you out of hiding.

2018 is your year!