Thank God it’s Monday!

Do you hate Mondays? 

We’ve all been there.  

It’s Sunday night and you start getting depressed or coming down from the weekend.  

You’re thinking, “Dang it. I have to work tomorrow.” Or something a bit stronger.  

How can we change this? 

Let’s start by remembering that Mondays are 14 percent of our week. Why would you want to hate 14 percent of your life? 

If you work five days a week, Monday is 20 percent of your work week. 

It’s 20 percent of your revenue opportunities and 20 percent of the time you have to affect people’s lives.  

Forget about “Thank God it’s Friday.” 

What about today? Develop the mantra of “Thank God it’s Monday.” 

Change your perspective and be ready for Monday when you roll out of bed in the morning.  

What’s your routine in the morning? Are you first-date ready when you get to work? It’s all in your perspective. 

While everyone else is bummed out, make a purposeful effort to enjoy Monday. 

Don’t go over the top. People hate over the top.  

Just be pleasant. Tell one person, “Thank God it’s Monday.” 

It’s a great reminder. Check your mindset before you cross the threshold of the front door. Be the best version of you for coworkers and patients.  

Have a great Monday!