How to Naturally Feel Better!

How do you dig yourself out of a “funk”? 

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward/pleasure center. It also plays a role in helping to regulate movement and emotional responses. Dopamine helps us to not only seek rewards but also take action to move towards them!

In other words, Dopamine is a natural chemical that makes us feel good!

How do you get your Dopamine fix? When do you feel it the most? What can you do within your routine to ensure you are elevating your Dopamine levels every single day?

Increasing your Dopamine levels naturally will positively affect your energy, behavior, and focus. In terms of your practice, Dopamine will help you get into flow and create a fun atmosphere.

So how do we keep our Dopamine levels high?

  • High dopamine levels are produced with rewarding activities and achievements. Finish something.
  • Be creative. Spending time in a creative state of mind has been shown to cause an increase in dopamine levels.
  • Exercising causes an increase in dopamine levels.
  • Listen to your favorite music.

Take action to “Dopamize” your life.

Dr. Nathan UnruhDr. Nathan Unruh