There’s no point in funny names. At SIDECAR Profit Management we play it straight.

You see a lot of strange names for corporations these days, odd combinations of letters that don’t really mean anything, until they do. 




The guy who founded Etsy listened to foreign films until he heard something that caught his ear. He found what he was looking for in a Fellini movie. Roughly, there’s an Italian word, “etsi,” that translates to “Oh, yeah.” 

There are some good reasons for these naming strategies that have to do with branding and online search. But when we decided to change the name of SIDECAR Accounting it was because we just wanted a better description of what we do. 

That’s SIDECAR Profit Management. 

The reality is that we do a lot more than accounting. In fact, if you like your accountant and want to keep them, that’s great. SIDECAR Profit Management delivers information and good counsel to grow your business, not just make sure the numbers line up at the bottom. 

Though, the numbers should line up at the bottom. That’s important and if you need accounting, we can take care of you. 

Here’s the full breadth of what we offer at SIDECAR Profit Management. 

  • Know your numbers – SIDECAR Profit Management reconciles all ledgers for the bank including loans and credit card statements.   
  • Measurable results – Financial targets set by SIDECAR Coaching as well as comparison to practices like yours.   
  • Communication – In-depth communication about your financial reports and how they reflect the business.   
  • Tax preparation – Federal tax return preparation.   
  • Financial consulting – Tax advice and consulting to assist with planning for upcoming taxes. 

Sure, there’s some accounting in there, but there are some things you won’t see on the ledger. For instance, how are you doing as compared to other chiropractic practices your size? Where do you want to be? How do you get there? 

That’s the power of SIDECAR Profit Management. 

As with all our services, we aren’t there to run your business. SIDECAR is your trusted partner traveling alongside you on the journey toward affluence.  

Get in touch and we’ll see how we can help.