Perceptions cloud reality but numbers don’t lie 

Which patients are higher value: Cash or personal injury? 

The only way to know is to track the patients. The way to do that is through the SIDECAR Current Active Retention calculation. This is a vital KPI for your practice because it gives you real data on how you’re doing with patient retention in the first three months of the relationship. 

Many of us think we’ve got a good handle on which patients come back. Sometimes we think that cash patients, for instance, aren’t as likely to return because they are picking up the bill.  

Is that true? 

Not really. What really matters to patients is how you treat them, not just clinically, but the overall experience.  

More often, patients drop off because of “perceived indifference.” Essentially, they pick up on the vibe you are giving off.  

If you treat cash patients like they won’t come back, they probably won’t. 

Now, that may or may not be true in your practice. But how do you know if you don’t have the data to support it. 

That’s where the Current Active Retention comes in.  

Current Active Retention is different than the Patient Visit Averages that you may be using in your practice today. Active Retention focuses on the first 90 days of your relationship with that person. 

You can learn more about how it works in the Fuel Tank from April with Drs. Nathan Unruh and Doug Sea.  

And if you have any questions about how to get started, just give SIDECAR a call at877-727-2705 or email at .