Profit Management is a better name for what we do

We all have an image of what an accountant does, what they look like, how they act and dress, and all that.  

Of course, it’s a stereotype and it’s not fair because there’s much more to it. 

That’s why we changed the name of our financial program from Accounting to Profit Management.  

It’s just a better description of what we can do for our chiropractor clients.  

SIDECAR Profit Management is a full-service suite of services that help you achieve your goals. In fact, you can keep your accountant if you’d like. What we do is guide you to a life of affluence in several key areas, including: 

  • Know your numbers – SIDECAR Profit Management reconciles all ledgers for the bank including loans and credit card statements.  
  • Measurable results – Financial targets set by SIDECAR Coaching as well as comparison to practices like yours.  
  • Communication – In-depth communication about your financial reports and how they reflect the business.  
  • Tax preparation – Federal tax return preparation.  
  • Financial consulting – Tax advice and consulting to assist with planning for upcoming taxes. 

When you get these things right, the rest falls into place. Now you can start thinking about succession planning, slowing down, spending time with family and friends, pursue your passions outside of the office that make you a well-rounded and happy person.  

You can call that retirement if you want. But that’s not really a good name for the lifestyle we want, one filled with doing new things, meeting new people and generally sapping every inch of life that you can from your time on earth.  

How about SIDECAR Experience Services? 

Let’s start with Profit Management and then we’ll talk about what’s next.