Protect your business from malicious hackers

Now that you know more about the real threats from hacker software, let’s talk a little about how SIDECAR I.T. can help stay secure. 

SIDECAR I.T. offers a combination of products and processes that provide a baseline – or the foundation – for I.T. risk management.  

I.T. risk management is a complex and dynamic discipline.  However, there are fundamental goals that give us a guide for security. 

  • Prevent: Avoiding attempts by malicious parties to create I.T. security incidents.   
  • Detect: Identify real or potential I.T. security threats as quickly as possible.  
  • Contain: Minimize the affect of any I.T. security incident.  
  • Restore: Return data and systems to normal following a security incident.  
  • Respond: Conduct the most appropriate internal and external activities in reacting to a security incident or event.  

SIDECAR I.T. has many protections in place meet each of those objectives.  

Learn more by watching Founder and President Joe Zueger. 

Many insurance companies are raising the bar for coverage, requiring their customers to meet certain security standards. The cost of that insurance also is rising as the consequences of security breaches expands worldwide. 

That’s a conversation between you and your insurance company. 

However, what you’ll find is that many of the topics we’ve outlined will overlap that insurance discussion. 

As the challenges have evolved, SIDECAR I.T. has identified several security threats they strongly recommend our clients consider addressing:  

  • Threat No. 1: The lack of persistent, structured employee security awareness training. 
  • Threat No. 2: Reliance on single-factor authentication  
  • Threat No. 3: Insufficient network traffic analysis and logging  

We’ll touch on each of these threats in our next post. 

Don’t worry, it won’t take you hours to go through them. They are succinct summaries of what you need to know.