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  • Slay the Dragons of Billing
    Dragons roast revenue. They destroy documentation. They fry your finances, and generally, mess up a perfectly good day. These aren’t the dragons of mythology on HBO. These beasts are alive and romping around your office today — dragging down your billing system. Left unchecked, they pick your pocket with inefficiency, confusion and error. Slay these […]
    Hayden Thompson
  • Keep on Defending Your Castle
    When we say control the controllables – it is important to stay Expanded!   Think of trying to unfurl a sail when are knots in the rope. It cannot be done!  Use every area of your life to make sure you are defending your Castle in every way you can think of. Stay strong using the three H’s – Heart, Humility and Hustle.  Financial:  Look for ways to […]
  • Fill your sails with good wind
    Set sail.  There is nothing more beautiful than a sailboat on the open water.  As the wind catches the sail, the boat moves effortlessly across the water. As long as wind fills the sail, forward momentum continues.     No wind, no sail, no progress.  The boat also needs a sailor to maneuver the sail, catch the wind and head in the right direction.  We can use the boat […]
  • The hard question we all face
    Open or closed.   That’s the decision for chiropractors and most small business owners across the country as we prepare for – and worry about – the coronavirus.  The virus, the disruption, the political wrangling and social media blathering – seem complicated, and they be.  But this decision is black and white – open or closed.  That’s the […]
  • The Business Survival Kit 
    Daily life has been upended by the coronavirus pandemic.   At SIDECAR we’ve been gathering all the information we can to help chiropractors through this crisis.   What I keep coming back to is this singular message: Control the controllables.   I’m sure you’ve probably seen or heard that phrase in other communication from us. But that’s not enough. This is […]
  • Your billing boat may be leaking money
    There’s an old saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”  It’s more than a clever turn of a phrase. There are real world applications when it comes to the billing system in your chiropractic business.   That’s one of the things we’ll be talking about during the next SIDECAR Fuel Tank at noon central time […]
  • Test before you hire – it’s worth it
    Finding and hiring good people.  How many times have you heard that? It’s one of the main pain points for chiropractors and business in general. Historically low unemployment – and changing career goals – have made it more difficult than ever to assemble a world-class team.   You can’t use that as an excuse, however. You need […]
  • Understand your personality to connect with others
    We talk about communication all the time.   How many times have you heard; we don’t communicate well as a company? Or my boss doesn’t listen to me. Or my wife. Or my husband. Or my kids.  It’s over and over.  The problem is that we don’t understand what that means. We don’t know why we can’t communicate, and it gets chalked up […]
  • The story behind Chrome
    I was going back through “Chrome” the other day getting ready for our next SIDECAR Fuel Tank.  The SIDECAR founders wrote Chrome a couple years ago to distill our principals on branding and marketing, which is the topic of the live Fuel Tank on Thursday, Jan. 23. You can get the details here.  In reviewing […]
  • There’s an opportunity out there you don’t know about – and they don’t know about you 
    Guess what percentage of the population has a favorable opinion of chiropractors.   Seventy-five? Eighty?  It’s more like 50 percent, according to a recent poll by the Gallup organization.   Which may lead you to think, “50 percent doesn’t like us!” What a disaster!  But that’s not what the poll said.   The question was whether they […]