Follow the evidence. 

It’s a mantra for investigators of all sorts, from crime to science. 

It’s never been truer for chiropractic. In our discussions with the leaders of our profession, the topic of research comes up over and again. 

We know chiropractic care supported by solid clinical methods makes people feel better. 

There’s scientific research that proves it. 

Dr. Heidi Haavik of New Zealand is one of the leading chiropractic researchers in the world At SIDECAR, we are big fans of her work. That’s why we’ve brought her in for Brain SPA and other training sessions. She was Dr. Nathan Unruh’s guest for the May Fuel Tank. You can catch that in the link down below.

And we’ve also made continuing education credits available led by Dr. Haavik. You can learn more about that here: 

Following the research bolsters our credibility in the health care community, it informs our public policy initiatives and, most importantly, improves the quality of care we provide to patients. We know what we do makes people feel better, it helps their body heal. Now, we have scientific evidence to back up why. 

Understanding that connection and having the ability to confidently communicate how it works, makes us better chiropractors and advances us as a profession. 

It would be easy to not engage in the broader public health discussion. To sit back and believe that we’ve done speaks for itself. Our patients are the proof.  

In some regards, that may be true. But it also dismisses the reality that work remains. New challenges are always emerging.  

The pioneers of our profession have taken us to places thought unimaginable just 50 years ago. Chiropractic is always evolving, getting better, finding new solutions to old problems.  

It’s the pursuit of the truth, backed by evidence, that is the core of research.  

It makes us all better.