The J&J Center for Chiropractic Healing – a cautionary tale.

Time for a story. 

It’s a sad story, but a true story. 

Jim was a chiropractor. He graduated from chiropractic college excited about changing the world.  

Jim was a great chiropractor. He was clinically gifted, empathetic and engaging.  

The patients loved Jim right away and the practice grew. In fact, it grew faster than he could have hoped. After a couple years, Jim took on an associate, John, and they grew even more.  

The J&J Center for Chiropractic Healing was a big success. Jim and John had great lives with lovely families and grand homes.  

But, as there so often is with a good story, there was a problem.  

Jim and John were great chiropractors. They weren’t, however, good at business.  

Specifically, they were sloppy with the details.  

Patients loved them, but they didn’t always pay the bill. They had a series of financial techs that may or may not have used the correct billing codes, or properly calculated withholding.  

They were busy, but not as successful as it appeared.  

One day, the IRS showed up and wanted to look at the books. Jim and John said sure, we’ve got nothing to hide. Which was true, they weren’t doing anything wrong. They just weren’t doing things right.  

Turns out, they owed the government a lot of money. 

And they had a huge amount of receivables.  

Then they couldn’t pay the bills.  

The J&J Center for Chiropractic Healing went out of business.  

End of story.  

Unfortunately, this is a true story. There wasn’t really a Jim and a John, but this scenario plays out over and over in the chiropractic industry.  

That’s why we created SIDECAR Billing Service. We discovered in the early days of SIDECAR that so many chiropractors – including us – struggled to keep up with the complexities of billing and revenue cycle management. 

Instead of hiring our brother-in-law’s cousin to do the books, what chiropractors need is a reliable system of billing, coding and RCM at a predictable cost.  

That’s why SIDECAR is here. We offer service plans to handle all your billing needs, and a help desk for your team’s toughest questions. And we do it for a flat fee, so you’ll never wonder if you’re getting your money’s worth. 

You’ll never worry about those details again. 

If this sounds like you, the first step is to take our Billing Risks and Opportunities Audit.