Turn Misery into Magic with your Patient Experience 

A remarkable patient experience is vital to growing your practice. 

You’ve heard us say that before. 

But how does that play out on a daily basis? How good do you have to be for the patients to feel like they’ve had a remarkable experience? 

Turns out, it’s about 10 percent. 

That’s the message from Shep Hyken, a customer experience expert and New York Times best-selling author.  

Shep was the guest on The Herd with Dr. Nathan Unruh this month. He talks about customer interactions in terms of Moments of Truth, Moments of Misery and Moments of Magic.  

This is all with the goal of being “consistently above average.” That’s where the 10 percent comes in. It’s not a high bar. The challenge is the consistent part. 

That’s where culture comes in. That’s when solid systems and procedures are so valuable.  

Consistently above average.  

Watch The Herd and find out how that applies to your chiropractic practice.