Words We Use

Every word you speak holds tremendous power.

Things happen in life that we don’t expect. Naturally, our defense mechanisms pop up.

Do you ever say things like:

  • I’m so tired
  • Today will be hard
  • Today sucks
  • This will be a tough week
  • This is a nightmare
  • I will never get ahead
  • I know I look awful today
  • I know they hate me
  • I’m a loser
  • How come I can’t do that?

Do you?

I keep running into phrases like these. I’m usually caught off guard when I hear people use them and ask, who told you that? Who told you that today sucks? I don’t think anyone is qualified to make that decision! I think so many of us are held back by this negative self-talk.

Imagine a 3-year-old wearing a t-shirt with one of the phrases above printed on it. How would you react to seeing that kid wearing that shirt? Well I hate to break it to you, but that kid is you! By allowing this negative self-talk to invade your perspective you end up believing those messages and portraying them outwardly for others to see. You end up believing those messages about yourself are true.

What are you saying to yourself about yourself or about your relationships with others? The words we use, the thoughts we put into our brain are very powerful for manifesting our direction.

Don’t let negative self-talk into your thoughts. Move on from unexpected mishaps and move forward.

Dr. SeaDr. Douglas Sea, CTO, SIDECAR