Your 2018 Summer Reading Plan

Have you made your Summer Reading List yet? 

Every summer we were assigned five books to read before the start of the school year. Of course, in those days I did not enjoy reading as much as swimming, riding my bike or playing baseball. I waited until the last moment and crammed using the “Cliff Notes.”   While I got the key ideas, I realize now that I had cheated myself. The books were chosen to grow and prepare me to meet the next challenge of adolescence. There are no “Cliff Notes” for life.

This summer why not ‘think for a change.’ Right now, it is important that you choose books that are thought provocative and informative.  Provocative reading stretches you intellectually, challenges your current beliefs, poses possibilities and stimulates your imagination. You must read a minimum of 20 minutes a day. The point is to provoke thought, not reinforce emotional patterns.

Three more reasons to “re-wire your brain.”

1) If you can’t think, you are unable to understand your circumstances or make course corrections.

If we can’t think, how can we imagine or dream? If we are mud headed, how on earth can we make correct choices?  You must acquire the prowess to make solid decisions even when you lack sufficient data.  Study as if your livelihood depended upon it, because it does! Knowledge gives you the power to act with certainty and “mental force.”

2) When your mind is absorbed, it doesn’t wander.  If your mind is trained to focus, you will perform impeccably.

In every practice there are natural breaks in patient flow. The average doctor becomes fearful and anxious when their schedule is light. The mentally adroit doctor stays focused in between adjustments. Leaders who have developed mental powers of concentration and the ability to stop the emotional kidnapping always win.

3) Without knowledge, self-empowerment is impossible.

It is the key to reaching your goals, the immediate, as well as your long term vision.

So this is not the time to dangle your foot into the water and wait for the fish too jump into your boat. Wrap your head around a couple of books and be ready for a fall harvest!

Dr. SovinskyDr. Frank Sovinsky, “The E-Myth Chiropractor” Written July 2003